Screening in Australia

Think about our future with the Earth. Shouldn’t we act now?

The information for the documentary film ”Gaia Symphony“which has already impressed Sydney, Gold Coast and around the world.



Dr. Jane Goodall Media conference at Taronga Zoo

Dr. Goodall held a media conference at Taronga Zoo on World Environment Day(Sunday 5th June 2011).

We were fortunate to be invited to this event, and to meet Dr. Goodall. This was on the same day as the Seaforth screening of "Gaia Symphony No.4".  She delivered a beautiful message directly to us which we were able to record.

She left a lasting impression and can be described as gentle, calm, deep, warm and a beautiful mind.

Here is a message to us.

First time screening GAIA SYMPHONY in Australia is a great success!

The documentary film which has already impressed 2.4 million people around the world, has finally landed in Australia.

The first screenings of the series were "GAIA SYMPHONY NO.4" as a fundraiser for the "QLD Disaster Relief Appeal" & "JAPAN and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011".

15th May 2011  Robina Gold Coast  (English & Japanese Language Session)
About 310 people attended and $4,408.52 was raised.

28th May 2011  Cammeray Sydney  (Japanese Language Session)
5th June 2011  Seaforth Sydney  (English Language Session)
Across both days about 260 people attended and $2,840.98 was raised.

$3,624.75 was sent to both the "QLD Disaster Relief Appeal" & "JAPAN and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011".

We had lots of positive feedback and plan to have future screenings of films from the series.